"Amanda Seyfried To Star In Sci-Fi Thriller 'I'm.mortal': Andrew Niccol film set in a world where people stop aging at 25."

This article very briefly mentions The Host as one of the filmmaker's projects, and suggests a possible schedule for filming.

July 13, 2010
By Adam Rosenberg

"Amanda Seyfried has accomplished a lot so far in her short career, and now she's angling to stay young forever.

Variety reports that the Variety reports that the "Letters to Juliet" star will lead the cast of Andrew Niccol's "I'm.mortal," a sci-fi action thriller set in a world where people stop aging at 25. As was first reported back in April, people in this society treat time as currency; the more of your life's time you "spend," the more access you have to various necessities and luxuries.

Today's Seyfried news is joined by a few more details about the story. A rebellious young man — not yet cast — is fingered for the murder of a member of society's elite. He ends up on the run with a beautiful rich girl (Seyfried) in tow as his hostage. Regardless of the circumstances that initially bring them together, they end up taking on the system and finding love in the process.

Niccol is no stranger to thought-provoking science fiction. He made his debut as a writer/director in 1997 with "Gattaca," the Ethan Hawke/ Jude Law/ Uma Thurman-starring thriller set in a future where humans are genetically modified for perfection while still in utero. He also wrote the Jim Carrey-starring flick "The Truman Show." Both films feature a protagonist bucking unjust social conditions, and "I'm.mortal" certainly seems to be following suit on that front.

Seyfried plays a recurring character on the HBO series "Big Love." She's starred in two 2010 releases so far — "Dear John" and "Letters to Juliet" — and is set for the lead role in the 2011 fairy-tale "Red Riding Hood," to be helmed by "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke.

Niccol hasn't released a film since 2005, the Nicolas Cage-starring action thriller "Lord of War." He's currently at work on "The Cross," an indie sci-fi project starring Orlando Bloom, Olga Kurylenko, Vincent Cassel and John Goodman. It was thought he'd follow that up with an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's "The Host," but with the "I'm.mortal" cast starting to firm up, that may well come first."