physical description: The Bears have thick, white fur and four hearts in order to keep warm on this snowy planet. Their 'hands' are somewhat double-jointed, since they can curl both directions. One side of their hands is soft, like human skin, but the other side is sharp, and similar to razors. Bears can see a different range of colors than humans do, and their ice is full of a rainbow of those colors. They have approximately the mass of a buffalo.  They have an egg pocket in the center of their body, between their two hottest hearts.

The Mists Planet

longer than Humans

miscellaneous info:
They are the most similar to humans out of all of the species Wanderer has lived as, because they are somewhat like mammals. They are warm-blooded, and have a need, like humans, for social interactions and artistic creativity.  They use their unique hands to sculpt beautiful crystal ice cities. The Bears are often attacked by Claw Beasts, another large species that inhabits the planet.