Chapter Summaries

Chapter 2: Overheard

As Wanderer slowly acclimates to her new body, she overhears a conversation between Fords Deep Waters and the Seeker. She is surprised at their tone, their discussion sounding oddly like an argument. From their conversation, we learn the Seekers are looked down upon, as their profession requires certain degrees of violence. We also learn that Wanderer was chosen to be implanted inside Melanie because Melanie had been a rebel and the Seeker hoped to gain valuable information regarding the rebel movement.

Wanderer, meanwhile, considers their disagreement and thinks back to her last host species, ones who had lived rooted to the soil of a vast ocean with a "hundred arms and on each arm a thousand eyes". While she lived in that planet, rumors had circulated about Earth regarding fights between the Seekers and humans and hosts so strong they could manipulate and even force the souls to abandon them. Although she feels distaste for the Seeker's occupation, Wanderer is ready to help her and tries to reach the host's memory. However, she hits a strong wall and she believes she was inserted in a damaged host. This belief angers her, the emotion stunning her with its force.

Characters Present:
  • Wanderer
  • Fords Deep Waters
  • The Seeker
Important Information Learned:
  • The Earth's occupation went badly awry
  • Seekers were looked down at because they chose a Calling filled with violence
  • Wanderer is unable to access certain parts of her host's mind
Memorable Quotes:
"We do not choose violence. We face it when we must. And it's a good thing for the rest of you that some of us are strong enough for the unpleasantness. Your peace would be shattered without our work." ~The Seeker

"But there were whispers of this: of human hosts so strong that the souls were forced to abandon them. Hosts whose minds could not be completely suppressed. Souls who took on the personality of the body, rather than the other way around. Stories. Wild rumors. Madness." ~Wanderer

Summary prepared by:Alcyone

Reprinted with permission from The Host Index