Chapter Summaries

Chapter 3: Resisted


Angry, Wanderer questions the Seeker and the Healer whether she was placed in a damaged host, as the mind didn't function correctly. However, when she explains memory is the only thing she could not access, the Seeker explains the host had been a rebel and was resisting Wanderer's control. Wanderer asks the Healer about any past cases with a resisting host and Fords narrates the events regarding a soul called Racing Song. He took on the name of his human host, Kevin, and continued the host's line of work. He complained of blackouts and numerous tests were run. Soon, it became obvious that the host was taking over for periods of time until the host attacked a Healer and tried to use a scalpel to cut out the soul. Kevin was relocated to another host and the host itself was disposed of. Wanderer is shocked, but the Seeker assures her that she would soon have full control. Wanderer tells her what she can: the host's name was Melanie Stryder, twenty years old and that she had been in Chicago looking for a cousin named Sharon. She had also left a note in the building where she was captured. As she spoke, she asked if they had found Sharon and Wanderer is horrified as she wasn't the one to formulate the question. Moreover, Melanie was to rendezvous with someone and she is too slow to block Wanderer's access. Wanderer learns she was to rendezvous with a man named Jared, the man whose face she had remembered before.

Characters Present:
  • Wanderer
  • Melanie
  • Fords Deep Waters
  • The Seeker
Important Information Learned:
  • Resistant hosts are something new to the souls and became unsurprising on Earth
  • Souls bind themselves to the brain through numerous attachments; the human mind requires eight-hundred twenty seven attachments
  • Skipping refers to hosts who do not complete a life term, an action frowned upon by their society
Memorable Quotes:

"This host was part of the human resistance. Those humans who were aware of us before insertion are more difficult to subdue. This one still resists." ~The Seeker

"Jared is safe." ~Melanie speaking through Wanderer

Summary prepared by: Alcyone

Reprinted with permission from The Host Index