Chapter Summaries

Chapter 5: Uncomforted

Wanderer visits her Comforter, who reveals that Wanderer has never needed to have one before. They talk about Wanderer's calling on Earth, and how the Comforter, Kathy, first came to the planet and chose to stay with her host's spouse. Wanderer tells Kathy that Melanie grieves for Jared, and therefore she does to. She says that her memory dreams come every night. Wanderer cries, and as Kathy comforts her, reveals that Melanie is still present enough in her mind to be irritated by Wanderer cutting her hair. Kathy is appalled that Wanderer hasn't told her this before, and tells her she should go to a Healer. Wanderer doesn't want to 'skip'--leave the planet early--and blames herself for Melanie still being strong. Again, Kathy tries to comfort her, to persuade her to change to a different body, and says that Melanie's body would not be given to another Host. Both Melanie and Wanderer are horrified by this idea, and Wanderer resolves in her mind to stick it out. In her thoughts, she shows us that the souls believe they are helping to improve the planets they stay on, and how violent they see humans as being.

Characters Present:
  • Wanderer
  • Melanie
  • The Comforter, Kathy

Important Information Learned:
  • Melanie should not be so present in Wanderer's mind after this much time
  • Melanie's body would be destroyed if Wanderer were removed.
  • Wanderer will not give up the body, and will not quit.

Memorable Quotes:
"In so many millennia, humans never did figure love out. How much is physical, how much in the mind? How much accident and how much fate?" ~The Comforter

"There is a way. No way to survive, but perhaps a way to win." ~Melanie

"...I had not skipped out on the life term of my host. To do so was wasteful, wrong, ungrateful. It mocked the very essence of who we were as souls. We made our worlds better places; that was absolutely essential or we did not deserve them." ~Wanderer

"I wanted myself. I wouldn't let what was mine be destroyed." ~Wanderer

Summary prepared by: dragon-girl

Reprinted with permission from The Host Index