Chapter Summaries

Chapter 6: Followed

Kathy encourages Wanderer to make friends, to try and lessen Mel's presence in her mind. She also suggests that Wanderer look for someone to be physically intimate with, but Melanie is disgusted by the idea. When Kathy says that the Seekers are looking for Jared, and that the Soul who gets his body will probably like her, both Melanie and Wanderer get very upset, and Wanderer runs away in tears. Wanderer half-runs home in the dark, and her Seeker from Chicago turns up as she vomits in the bushes. They discuss why Wanderer is ill, and Wanderer is surprised by how violent she feels. We learn the Wanderer has a memory of something like lines on a road map, and that the memory is very important to Melanie. Wanderer realises that they lead to Jared and Jamie.

Characters Present:
  • Wanderer
  • Melanie
  • Kathy
  • The Seeker

Important Information Learned:
  • The Seekers are looking for Jared.
  • The three wriggly lines lead to Jared and Jamie, but Melanie doesn't know where it is

Memorable Quotes:
"I don't want someone else. I want Jared, not a stranger in his body! The body means nothing without him." ~Melanie

Summary prepared by: dragon-girl

Reprinted with permission from The Host Index