Chapter Summaries

Chapter 7: Confronted

This chapter begins with Wanderer teaching the histories of her species in her classroom. She is uncomfortable with the material she is teaching because she has no personal memories of the first world to draw from. A side discussion breaks out between two students, Faces Sunward and Robert. The brutality of Fire World was the topic of discussion. Robert brings up the fact that Wanderer has never lived on Fire planet and that she must have felt it was barbaric also. After she closes the conversation without answering his question, Melanie asks Wanderer why she didn't answer. She dismisses class and notices the students socializing and wonders about her anti social behavior. Was it because of Melanie's feelings or her own? Her personal histories supported that she had never formed strong enough attachments to keep her on any one planet longer than one life.

Wanderer is approached by the Seeker as she is leaving the classroom. She also asks Wanderer why she didn't answer the question and Wanderer tells her "because it wasn't pertinent to the lesson, because Robert needs to learn some manners, and because it's no one else's business." The discussion continues as Wanderer is walking home, trying to get away from the Seeker. The Seeker follows and wonders if Wanderer would switch to another host so that the Seeker could go into Melanie's body and get the information she wants. The Seeker tells her she thinks it is too late, that it will only be a matter of time before Melanie takes back control. Wanderer becomes angry and tells her not to follow. She realizes that the Seeker is not going to leave her alone and is going to make her life a misery.
At home Wanderer searches on her computer for travel plans and Melanie asks where they were going. Feeling the panic in Melanie she tells her they are going to Chicago to see the Healer before she makes her decision. Melanie asks "The decision to kill me?" Wanderer answers, "Yes, that one."

Characters Present:
  • Wanderer
  • Melanie
  • Robert
  • Faces Sunward
  • The Seeker

Important Information Learned:
  • Wanderer pities the humans
  • There is a low success rate for souls in adult bodies whose hosts fight back
  • Wanderer is annoyed with and doesn't trust the Seeker
  • The Seeker is aware of Melanie's lingering presence
  • Wanderer has never had strong attachments to her past planets
  • Souls work together equally with no one higher in power

Memorable Quotes:
"Why not tell them? You do think it is barbaric-and cruel and wrong. Which is pretty ironic if you ask me- not that you ever do. What's the problem? Are you ashamed that you agree with Robert? Because he's more human than the others?" ~Melanie

"Melanie would eat them alive!" ~Wanderer

"Is that what you want, Wanderer? To lose? To fade away, erased by another awareness? To be no better than a host body? It only gets worse. You won't be you anymore. She'll beat you, and you'll disappear." ~The Seeker

"I know; let's kill her." ~Melanie

Summary prepared by: katwomankath

Reprinted with permission from The Host Index