Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed some incorrect info/typos/etc. What's up?
If you notice anything that doesn't seem right, see a typo or notice grammatical editing errors, let us know ( so we can fix it!

Are you affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, The Twilight Lexicon, or Hachette Book Group?
Nope. This is an unofficial fan site.

Where did you get the information for this site?
All of the information on this site is found in The Host and in various interviews and articles with the author.

Can I affiliate with your site?
Totally! Send me an email with a link to your page, and I will add you.

Why do you run ads on your site?
We run ads on the site to make money. While our webhost is currently free, we hope to soon own our own domain name, which costs money. If you click on the ads, we make money. There are also many cool features we will be able to add to The Codex if we make enough money to join our current host's professional webhosting program.