physical description: They resemble dragon flies. They have leathery skin, and have anywhere between three and five sets of wings, depending on how old they are. The number of legs they have - five, seven, or nine- depends on what gender they are. They have three distinct genders. Their hands are long, and have tough, strong fingers.

planet: Newly acquired unnamed water planet by the souls, currently being colonized


miscellaneous info: The Dolphins create cities under water out of hard plants that are somewhat like trees. They have a very developed family structure. Since there are three genders, each batch of larvae is protected by six of the nine grandparents during the first stage of development. During that time, the three parents work with their six grandparents on an addition to the family dwelling place for the babies to live in when they are able to move on their own. The third set of grandparents would be considered the 'breadwinners,' in Earth terms. They are mainly farmers, and cultivate a growth that is similar to a plant, and harvest the sap, or milk, from it.