Eclipse Movie Premiere Interview

Transcript: (Copyright The Host Codex)

TM: I know you’re probably tired of talking about this movie. Can we talk about The Host for a second?

SM: Yay! Yeah!

TM: So, when I met you briefly last year you said that The Host had just been picked up. Where is it at? Have you started casting? What’s up?

SM: We have not started casting. We have a really fantastic script that Andrew Nichol wrote. I love it because the first couple passes we went at it, it was starting to feel a little bit more like any other – “the bad guys come in with the guns” thing - and I talked to Andrew and I’m like, “You know, lets imagine this as people who are so passive and peaceable that you can’t see them starting a war. It doesn’t work that way.” And he kind of blew me away. Like, he did things that I wish I would have done in the book. So, I’m excited. We haven’t started casting yet. We kind of have to figure out the timing. You know, Breaking Dawn is going to take a lot of my time coming next year, so that makes it tricky.

TM: So, I know you don’t have a lot of time to write right now, but The Host sequel? Anytime soon?

SM: I would love to do that. I don’t know if that is my next project. Um, I know what happens - I could tell you what happens!

TM: Feel free!

SM: Okay, so… No. It starts out with a scene of jogging. That’s a true story. [laughs] We have a prologue, and then we go into the jogging, so it’ll be there.