You may have noticed that we haven't had any posts for quite some time. That is because OMT (yours truly) has become a contributor over at The Host Fan and no longer works on this site. Don't worry, though - all of the content that was here is now being added to The Host Fan's Novel Page. I will be pouring all of my fangirl energy and passion into working on that site, so head on over and add it to your bookmarks!

So long,
The Management
Here is something we haven't heard yet, straight from the author's mouth. Apparently, the Host sequel will start with a jogging scene. Random! Ms. Meyer also discusses the script for the upcoming movie, and addresses casting rumors. The Twilight Lexicon has posted this video of the interview (conducted by Twilighters Anonymous and Twilight Moms) from the Eclipse premiere. (We will have the transcript up... as soon as we transcribe it.)
The awesome folks over at The Host Fan have a neat poll running now. They want to know the average age of Host fans, since The Host is marketed as an adult novel.  Go here to participate!
The folks over at TheHostFan are doing a fancast for the major characters in The Host! Head on over there to vote on who you think the perfect actor choices would be. (Click Here)