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Host author Stephenie Meyer briefly mentioned her desire to finish the Host sequel (tentatively titled The Soul) during the massive fansite junket she did for the release of the Eclipse movie (Via Twilight Series Theories):

"Fansite: If you could do anything, I mean literally could just stop everything for let’s say six months, just do anything, what would it be that you would take your time to do?  Would it be another story?  Would it be…

Stephenie Meyer: If I could shut it all off for six months, it would be…I think I’d get another book done in that amount of time. It’s funny because for me it’s all about the story that’s keeping me up at night, and it fluctuates a little bit because the cannibal mermaids are…there’s such a story there.  It’s a departure.  It’s pure fantasy.  It’s a [map] in the front piece fantasy and it’s a whole other world, and that might throw people, right?  But if I could write that in a vacuum and it doesn’t matter, I’d really want to write it for me.  And then there’s the sequel to The Host...Especially if we’re starting to work on the movies and they’re like: “Soooo, what’s gonna be in the next one?”  I think I have ten years to write before they’ll just do their own sequel."

Lets just hope it doesn't take ten years. Pretty please?
Here is something we haven't heard yet, straight from the author's mouth. Apparently, the Host sequel will start with a jogging scene. Random! Ms. Meyer also discusses the script for the upcoming movie, and addresses casting rumors. The Twilight Lexicon has posted this video of the interview (conducted by Twilighters Anonymous and Twilight Moms) from the Eclipse premiere. (We will have the transcript up... as soon as we transcribe it.)
The awesome folks over at The Host Fan have a neat poll running now. They want to know the average age of Host fans, since The Host is marketed as an adult novel.  Go here to participate!
The folks over at TheHostFan are doing a fancast for the major characters in The Host! Head on over there to vote on who you think the perfect actor choices would be. (Click Here)
Exciting news! Asya Muchnick, editor of The Host, will be holding a live BlogTalkRadio interview this Thursday, May 20th, and will be taking questions from callers!

The Host Novel@LJ has all of the details:

"We just received word from Hachette Books that Asya Muchnick, Editor of The Host, will be doing a Live BlogTalkRadio interview this Thursday (May 20) at 2:30 pm EST. You can listen to the chat as it airs here. (Don't worry about bookmarking that if you don't want though - we'll remind you the day of!)

You can call in to ask a question during the show at (646) 378-0040. We've been invited to send in questions in advance, however, so if you're worried about not being able to get through or will be busy at that hour, send your questions to us. We'll collect them together and send them back to the Hachette Web Publicist to (hopefully) be answered!

Now, remember, she's not Stephenie. As the editor, we don't know what types of questions she will be most likely to take. Still, she's definitely on the in, so get in your questions! Just leave them as a comment on this post.

For example, I'm planning on asking something like: "Did the plot or any of the characters make a noticeable change during the editing process? If so, what were things like in the original draft you received?" (Perhaps that casts too wide a net, but I think that's one type of question it would be reasonable to ask.)"
This just in from ReelzChannel-
The Host is casting, and the very popular choice for Ian O'Shea - Ian Somerhalder - is rumored be already cast.

Here's the video.