We all know that IMDB casting rumors are not always credible, but it is worth mentioning that a new (and attractive) face has shown up as a possible actor for Ian O'Shea: Erik Fellows. Allvoices News took note of the new casting choice in a recent article:

"As of the 2nd of August, The Host is officially set in pre-production mode, it is set to begin filming early January. Cast has already begun, if you are interested in auditioning, visit here.

A few days ago, IMDb leaked that Ian Somerhalder is no longer rumored to play the role of Ian O'Shea, instead, now soap star Erik Fellows is rumored the play the role."

What do you guys think? Does he have the right look for Ian?
8/7/2010 08:28:00 am

Love it... He is an excellent choice

8/7/2010 08:30:14 am

We need a new sexy face...Ian somerhalder already has Damon on vampire its Erik Fellows turn in "The Host"!!! Please let this rumor be true...come on Stephanie cast Erik


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