Full name: Jamie Stryder

Status: Human

Eyes: Chocolate brown

Silky black, shaggy, and grown past his chin

Physical appearance: Jamie has deeply sun-tanned skin, and straight black eyebrows. He has a thin, wiry build.

Melanie (sister), Trev (father), Linda (mother)  Maggie (aunt), Guy (uncle) Sharon (cousin) Jeb (uncle)

Birthplace: Probably in the Los Angeles area

Location during invasion: Los Angeles

Age:  Jamie is 14 when Wanderer comes to the caves

Date of Birth:

Additional Information: Jamie and Melanie have been on the run since the invasion first became known to them. Their father led the seekers back to their house, once he had become a host. Jamie is the third youngest member of Jeb's rebel cell. He helps out on raids occasionally.