Full Name: Petals Open To The Moon

Past Planets: The Planet of the Flowers

Human Hosts: Her host is unnamed.


Role in Invasion:

Miscellaneous Information: Pet is chosen for Wanderer's host because Jamie felt that this body looked like Wanderer would look, if she were a human. She is also chosen because she has an innocent face that no one could distrust, which is a key element she needs to have for raids. This host has a high, trilling voice, small hands, fair, silvery skin with gold freckles across her nose. She has wide, gray eyes with golden eyelashes. Her lips are pale pink, roundish, and full. She has a dimple on her chin, and full, waving golden hair. Pet is very small, soft, and is shorter than Jamie. She is almost 17 when Wanderer is inserted, but Wanderer lies about her age so that she and Ian can be together. She lived in Seattle before coming to the caves.