See Weeds

Physical description: The See Weeds are plant-based life forms that live on a planet entirely covered in water. They are each rooted into the ground under the ocean.  They each have "a hundred arms and on each arm a thousand eyes, so that, with [their] thoughts connected, not one sight in the vast waters went unseen." (p18) They have a very simple, unspoken language.

The Planet of the See Weeds

Lifespan: Several Earth centuries

Miscellaneous info: The See Weeds do not have the sense of hearing, because it is unnecessary. They use their interconnected minds to communicate. Once they understood that the invasion on their planet was underway, a large population of the See Weeds resisted in the only capacity they had: they starved themselves to death in order to escape becoming hosts. Wanderer lived as this species just before she came to Earth. They are nicknamed the See Weeds on Earth because they have so many eyes - their 'Seeing' is a defining characteristic.