Soul Information

Soul Technology

Cryotanks: Cryotanks are hi-tech storage containers that allow souls to survive and hibernate between hosts. They are gray and lightweight, and have a dial, a latch, an indicator light, and a safety switch. When occupied by a soul in hibernation mode, the light is a "steady, dull red." (p4) The tanks are made of a smooth, shiny material that clangs like metal when dropped, and are capable of maintaining a very low temperature for the souls while they hibernate. The indicator light is a circle on top of the lid, and when pressed, begins to power the tank on. When an empty tank is turned on, the light on top goes from purple, to bright blue, to light blue. The power source system is too complex for Wanderer to explain to Doc with her human mind (p535), but she knew the answer when she was a Spider.

After the human population was more or less assimilated, the Souls began to use spacecraft, which they refer to as 'shuttles,' instead of airplanes, because they are more efficient. The spacecraft that are used for interplanetary purposes are huge, sleek, and white, with cylindrical wings. The shuttles that are used for local purposes (instead of airplanes) are small and snub-nosed.

Hover carts: These are only mentioned once in The Host, when they are being used to transport cryotanks. (p543)

Medications: The medicines that the Souls use are superior the the ones that humans used, which is why human-era medicines were discarded. Wanderer doesn't know how they work, but she knows that they work by 'healing,' in stead of treating individual symptoms, like human medicines had. Luckily for Jeb's rebel cell, the Souls are very fond of clearly labeling these items, which makes it easy for the humans to acquire them on raids. All the medications that are mentioned in The Host are kept in white cylindrical containers.

     No Pain (p452,453):

     Cool (456)





When dusted on wounds, it eliminates scarring.

It is dispensed as a mist that smells like grapefruit; it wakes the user, and wears off
     after about 4 hours.

Although this medication isn't given a name, it is mentioned (p601) as a mist that
     tastes like raspberries; it makes the user fall asleep/become unconscious.

Mentioned briefly, (p522) this medication possibly 'stills' the flow of excess blood, though
     that is never stated implicitly.

     Misc. meds: (453-455, 465)