physical description: Each Spider has three brains, one for each segment of their body. Each segment has four long legs, and hands with twelve fingers on each leg. Their fingers are six-jointed, and are "slender and strong as steel threads, capable of the most delicate procedures." (p209) The Spiders bodies are each about the mass of a cow, but shorter and leaner. They have twelve eyes, each located on the juncture of the leg and body. They don't have eyelids, instead, they had thick, fiber based eye lashes. Wanderer compares those lashes to "steel wool." (p215) Their body covering resembles scales, or armor, "like a reptile or a fish," (p216).

The Planet of the Spiders

They are the only alien species that Wanderer has inhabited that have a shorter lifespan than humans (p390)

miscellaneous info:
The Spiders are a highly intelligent race. Spiders are considered by Wanderer to be fascinating, but also coldly analytical, and devoid of all emotion; they welcomed the invasion of the Souls, appreciative of the direction they provided. Spiders are born with all of the knowledge that their parent had, so no information is ever lost or wasted. Spiders reproduce very quickly, and hatch their young from huge sacs of eggs. They are great engineers, and are the creators of ships the souls use to travel undetected through space. Spiders see in only black and white and have a limited sense of temperature.