"Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host' to Become a Movie: 'Gattaca' writer/director Andrew Niccol will adapt Meyer's first adult novel about alien invaders."

September 23, 2009
By Eric Ditzian for MTV

"After the November release of "New Moon," there may be only three more movies (at most) to come from Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" vampire saga, but it looks like the author will continue to be present on the big screen for a long time to come. Meyer's first adult novel, "The Host," is being adapted for a feature film, according to Variety.

Published in May 2008, "The Host" tells the story of how a species of compassionate aliens called "souls" have invaded Earth and assumed control of the minds of almost every human on the planet. A soul named Wanderer invades the body of woman named Melanie Stryder, who manages to make Wanderer share her body instead of taking it over entirely. They set off on a journey to locate Stryder's lost love, Jared, who is one of the last unaffected humans and remains in hiding.

Andrew Niccol has been tapped to write the script and direct. Niccol's writer/director credits include the Ethan Hawke sci-fi flick "Gattaca" and the Nicolas Cage action movie "Lord of War." Niccol also wrote the Jim Carrey-starring "The Truman Show." According to the Variety report, producers first began to consider Niccol after Meyer said her favorite sci-fi films were "Gattaca" and "Truman."

Meyer had previously rejected bids to adapt "Host," but eventually gave the OK after producers made a substantial offer and a displayed a willingness to collaborate with her on the project.

"We wanted Stephenie to be involved in the adaptation and have her endorse and be part of the creative decisions," Nick Wechsler, one of the producers, said. "['Twilight'] has proven she knows more about what works than most."

Wechsler, along with Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz, used their own funds to acquire the rights to "The Host." All three receive producer credits on "The Road," the upcoming adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel.

Back in April 2008, Meyer told MTV News what her dream cast for "The Host" would be. "With 'The Host,' I think the actors could be really big names," she said. "That would be cool. I'd love to see Robert Redford put on a beard and be Jeb; he would be amazing. ... Matt Damon has some very Jared-esque qualities, and then [I'd love to see] Casey Affleck as Ian and Ben Affleck as Kyle. Imagine the interplay."