"Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host': Exclusive Mini-Excerpt from Her Novel's New Edition"

April 6, 2010
Via The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy Blog

"On April 13, author Stephenie Meyer will publish the paperback edition of her best-selling sci-fi book “The Host.” Meyer, the author behind the “Twilight” series of books, will include in the coming version of “The Host” a never-before seen “bonus chapter.” “The Host,” Meyer’s first novel for adults, tells the story of body-snatching aliens who invade the earth. One of these extraterrestrials, who goes by the name Wanda, develops an unusual relationship with Melanie, the woman whose body she has taken over.

Here is an exclusive mini-excerpt from the paperback:

I’m all alone.

It’s dark. I can’t remember where I am … or why I’m here. It’s wrong that I’m alone. Where is Wanda? I can’t see to look for her. I can’t remember how to call for her. It’s silent. I can’t feel her. I can’t feel our body.

Panic starts to set in as I wait for her voice. For her to say my name. To tell me where we are. To open my eyes so we can see. I need to hear her voice — my voice, in my softest tone, my gentlest inflection.

I wait, but there is nothing. Just me and the dark.

The panic gets worse as I try to remember. Did she shut me out again? That happened once, I know, but I don’t remember it. I don’t think it was like this, panicking in the dark. It was just nothing then.

And I don’t think Wanda would do that. Because we love each other. I remember we said that. Just before …something. I try to dredge up the memory.

We were saying we loved each other.… We were saying …