Full Name: Wanderer; has also gone by Wanda, Rides The Beast, Lives in the Stars

Past Planets: See Weeds; Spiders; Flowers; The Mists Planet; The Singing World; The Origin;

Human Hosts: Formerly Melanie Stryder; Currently occupies an unnamed human girl

Calling: Wanderer has been a Storyteller (during her stay with the See Weeds) and an honorary Professor of History on earth.

Role in Invasion:

Miscellaneous Information: Wanderer was specially picked for Melanie's body, based on her experience and strength (p4); and began on the origin (p5); Earth is her 9th planet (p70). Wanderer has lived on nine planets, and was given her Earth name - Wanderer - by Fords because of that history. She was born on the Origin.  Her life as Pet marked her tenth life.